Senior Manager of Data Operations – 10 years

•SQL Server software installation , configuration and upgrades
•Process SQL Server database requests
•Monitor daily operations to ensure overall health and availability of databases, including backups
•Troubleshoot and resolve basic database application issues
•Participate as a data resource on projects
•Perform database tuning and performance monitoring for SQL Server database applications
•Create , test and deploy stored procedures
•Conduct the testing of new releases of database software
•Design, install and manage the SQL Server Reporting Services environment
•Provide database guidance to the SharePoint application administrator
•Perform SQL Server support of the SharePoint environment
•Manage the activities of three direct reports
•Build, test and deploy SSIS packages
•Build powershell scripts to automate management tasks

Manager of Software Configuration – 4 years

•Test and deploy software packages using automated delivery software
•Participate on the software standards governance board
•Test software for compatibility on various desktop operating systems
•Support the CA Unicenter network management software environment
•Perform upgrades of Student Information Systems application software
•Create administrative management scripts
•Perform administrative tasks for Windows Servers


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